All You Need To Know About Calcium Supplements

All You Need To Know About Calcium Supplements

You must have heard that your glass of milk is loaded with calcium. Calcium plays an important role in the proper function of the body. More than 98% of our calcium is in body tissue and it is used in providing strength. For the proper function of the body, it keeps calcium levels within a narrow range. We lose calcium amount each day through skin, hair, nails, urine, etc. When we can't provide calcium from our diet, it is taken from bones. People who have less calcium in the body have a greater chance of developing weak, fragile, and breakable bones.

What is Calcium?

ccis a mineral your body needs to maintain and build strong and healthy bones. As bones undergo their regular process of remodeling, we need calcium to build new bones, especially during growth and development.

There are many food which are rich in calcium like diary products, salmon, figs, dark leafy vegetables and many more. Lets find out about these calcium rich foods.

Food Rich in Calcium

1. Diary Products

Milk, yogurt and cheese are rich in calcium and they tend to be the best absorbed sources of it.

2. Dark Green leafy vegetables

Kale and Spinach are good calcium sources as they have the highest amount of calcium in them.

3. Figs

Figs provide 68mg of calcium to your body. It has dietary fibre and several minerals in them.

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4. Salmon

Salmon provides Vitamin D, which helps your body to absorb more calcium.

5. Soybeans

Soybeans are also a good source of calcium, a half cup of soybeans contains 119 mg of calcium, making it an excellent source calcium for those who are vegan.

If you are lactose intolerant, vegan or don’t like to eat green leafy vegetable, then you needs to include calcium supplements in your diet.

How does calcium works?

Your body needs calcium for muscles to move and for nerves to function between the brain and every part of your body. It helps blood vessels move blood throughout the body and helps to release hormones that affect many functions in your body. Vitamin D3 helps to absorb calcium.

What are Vitamin D3 and Calcium?

Vitamin D3 and calcium are used to treat low blood calcium levels. It treats numerous conditions caused by low calcium levels in the body, like vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis (bones become weak and brittle), etc.

There are many benefits of taking calcium like it gives support to bone health, helps with weight loss, strengthens teeth, balances pH levels, and many more. Let's find out about them‌.

There are 6 benefits of taking calcium supplements

Gives support to bone health

Calcium intake is important for bone development, as an inadequate amount of calcium intake can make your bones thinner, more brittle, and more prone to breakage and fractures. You can try Nutrilitius healthy bones supplement which protects your bones. It has vitamins like D3 and B12 which help your body to observe calcium and phosphorus, hence providing bone strength, it keeps your nerve and blood cells healthy, supports bone health, and gives you an energy boost, respectively.

Helps with weight loss

Calcium helps in maintaining optimal body weight. If there is any deficiency of the mineral, your body will release a parathyroid hormone, which then stimulates the body to release it into the bloodstream, which maintains the balance. Parathyroid hormones are also known to stimulate the production of fat and prevent its breakdown, which can make you fat. By making sure, you're taking the right amount of calcium so that obesity does not creep in.

Protect cardiac muscles

Calcium protects your heart muscles by taking this sufficient mineral can help protect cardiac muscles and also help the nervous system maintain proper pressure in the arteries.

Balances pH level

Calcium helps in maintaining the proper alkaline balance and acid level, helping in neutralizing the acidic compounds in your body. Junk food contains lots of sugar in them and it contributes to forming acidity in the body, which can give you kidney stones and hypertension. By adding calcium to your diet, you can improve your vitality and overall health.

Strengthen teeth

Calcium is extremely important for developing and maintaining healthy teeth and jawbones. It helps to hold your teeth in place and works with phosphorus to develop strength for your teeth. Calcium is part of teeth enamel and helps to protect our teeth from bacteria and tartar that leads to cavities.

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Lessens PMS symptoms 

There is a link between low calcium intake and increased PMS. Low calcium levels in women can cause dizziness, mood swings, and hypertension. A low level of calcium might trigger the release of a hormone that is responsible for PMS mood swings, including irritability and depression. Including a healthy diet rich in calcium would contribute to minimizing these PMS symptoms.

FAQs on Calcium Supplements

What are the best calcium tablets for women?

Nutrilitius healthy bones is the best calcium tablets for women since women have more chance then men to develop osteoporosis - condition of weak in fragile bones that makes bones more prone to fractures. Nutrilitius healthy bones has Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 which help you a body to absorb calcium and first forest therefore providing strength to your body.

How do you get Vitamin D and Calcium?

By eating food which are rich in calcium and Vitamin D like spinach, Kale, okra, fatty fish like tuna, salmon, orange juice and cheese.

Why should I take calcium in iron tablets in pregnancy?

By taking enough calcium from the first month of pregnancy will improve the immune system of the baby. Iron plays an important role by creating red blood cells and enzymes for both mother and the baby.

Which brand is best for calcium?

Nutrilitus healthy bones is the best brand for calcium, it has Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12 which absorb calcium and phosphorus, thereby providing bones strength, keep your body's nerve, blood cells healthy, supports bone health and gives energy boost. Calcium Citrate Malate is one of the crucial minerals for your body that builds and maintain strong bones which also helps to maintain cardiac rhythm, move muscles and release hormones.

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