Tips To Know When You Buy Saffron Online


Punch Line: Pure saffron will smell sweet, but it must never taste sweet

Saffron or Kesar in India is a fragrant spice that is rich in antioxidants. Research has shown that saffron offers the human body innumerable benefits from acting as an anti-ageing ingredient to protecting the body from illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes. You can also read about the benefits of saffron.

However, as more people have appreciated the potency of saffron and are including it in their daily diet, there are also many scrupulous people selling substandard or even fake saffron, which can be dyed corn threads or coconut bristles. 

In this article, we will guide you to buy saffron online that is of the highest and best quality.

How To Identify The Quality of Original Saffron?

1) Avoid Powdered Saffron in Online

It is important to know when you buy Kesar online that most of the powdered saffron online is adulterated with turmeric for the colour. To avoid this, the best option is to always opt to buy the strands of saffron in online.

2) Appearance Of Saffron

When you buy Kesar online, the first way to test it is by looking at the appearance of saffron.  Kesar strands are shaped like a trumpet and are deep red to almost crimson coloured. When you rub the saffron threads between your fingers, it will leave an orangish stain on your skin.

3) Smell Of Saffron

Another key indicator to look for when you buy kesar online is its smell. Saffron's natural aroma is highly reminiscent of tobacco. It has a distinctly earthy aroma with honey and floral undertones that also makes it smell sweet and pleasant. The chemicals Safarnal and Picocrocin, which give original saffron its characteristic scent, are prevalent in it.

4) Taste Of Saffron

While Saffron has a sweetish smell, it does not have a sweet taste. In fact, when you buy saffron online, that is pure, it will have a bitterish taste. Saffron that tastes sweet is undoubtedly not original or is impure and adulterated.

5) Price of Saffron

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and 1g of saffron price will be between Rs 499 to Rs. 599. Saffron bought at cheap costs is most probably adulterated and impure. 

Some of the tests that you can undertake to identify the quality of original saffron are the below:




Rubbing The Threads

Take a few saffron stands and rub it between your fingers

If the strands disintegrate, you know that it is fake, since pure saffron strands are sturdy

Baking Soda Test

Add the saffron strands to a cup filled with a solution of water and baking soda

If the saffron strands turn yellow or release a yellow colour into the water, you know that the saffron is pure

Checking The Dye

Try putting a thread of saffron dye into a small container filled with hot water, and observe it

A tiny proportion of real saffron turns water yellow. To change the saffron's colour, it can take an hour. The actual threads, however, continue to be red as they were originally. If the threads lose their colour, the water changes colour abruptly, turns crimson, or does not change colour, then you know that the saffron is impure as pure saffron threads retain their original colour.

Float Test

Let the saffron strands float in the water

If the saffron threads are original, they will float in the water while impure saffron will sink.


Recognize Pure Saffron Certification

For saffron to be considered pure, the first imperative is that there should be no external element added to it – either in terms of color, taste or texture. 

A combination of ISO 3632-1:2011 and ISO 3632-2:2010 specifies test methods for the different categories of dried saffron, including powder, filaments, and cut filaments.

Why Choose To Buy Saffron On Nutrilitius

Here are three reasons to buy saffron online from Nutrilitius.

1) Certified 

Saffron from Nutrilitus is certified by FSSAI and the certification is affixed on the packaging of every product, assuring every individual buyer of the authenticity of every product.

2) Vaccum Packed In An Air-Tight 1 Gm See-Through Bottle

To ensure the freshness of saffron in online purchases, one needs to be able to have air-tight packaging, so that moisture does not spoil the saffron strands. Additionally, the see-through bottle allows you to see the colors of the strands to further verify the purity of your purchase.

3) A Legacy Of Quality

Nutrilitius products are handpicked and selected from the best farms in India to bring you saffron that is not just pure and original, but also of the highest quality. With over 10 years of experience in dry fruits and a legacy of happy customers, saffron from Nutrilitius has a legacy of quality.

FAQ Before Buy Organic Kashmiri Saffron Online

What is the price of 1g of saffron price?

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. To make one gram of saffron, makers need to pick, sort and dry over 150 flowers, making it a labour intensive and time-consuming task. At Nutrilitius 1g of saffron price is between Rs. 499 to 599.

Where is the best saffron from?

As per experts, Saffron from Kashmir is regarded as having the best flavour and aroma in the entire world. Saffron from Kashmir is likewise thicker and may be identified by its lengthy stigmas and thick heads. Because of this, the prized Kashmiri saffron is also more expensive than its equivalents from other global regions.

How can I choose genuine saffron while buying it online?

When you buy saffron online, the colour is one of the factors to consider while choosing the best saffron online. When purchasing saffron, make sure it is dark and deep red in colour to provide the greatest flavour. For the optimum freshness, search for companies like Nutrilitius that avoid preservatives and vacuum-pack their products.

In conclusion

While there are many sellers selling counterfeit saffron, with a few simple tests and checks, it is easy to buy pure and genuine saffron. Nutrilitius offers its customers Kashmiri saffron that is FSSAI certified. For over a decade, Nutrilitius has been committed to bringing its customers the best products and delivering them right to the doorstep.

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